Announcing EuroIA 2021: Gratitude

Over the years, the Information Architecture community has supported us and helped us grow as people and as professionals. This year, it’s our turn to say thank you and express our gratitude to all of you for sharing this ride with us, for championing our wonderful community, and for simply showing up year after year.

We’ve all been through a difficult time – social and political unrest, a pandemic, the world and its ostensibly fixed structures turned upside down… Seems like nothing is as it used to be.

But we’re also seeing countries slowly reopening, vaccines being administered and technology enabling ways of working and living that we thought impossible only a couple of years ago. We’re making it to the other side, no matter how battered, bruised and tired we may be.

This is what we want to focus on for the next edition of EuroIA: gratitude. For all the wild, unthinkable and unforeseeable ideas that made it possible for us to get here, survive and even thrive.

So, what are you grateful for?

The conference

EuroIA gathers a large community of motivated specialists involved in all aspects of information management, not just from Europe but from all over the world. This year will mark the 17th edition of the summit.

With uncertain travel restrictions and the continued need for physical distance, we decided to make EuroIA 21 an online conference, making it the second pandemic edition following 2020.

We want to say thank you by giving back to our community, which means this year’s edition will be free of charge.

Don’t mistake free for cheap, though. We have a team of black-belt volunteers taking on the task of programming, organising, promoting and running the conference. They are driven members of the Information Architecture community, and will carefully select and curate the keynote speakers and workshop hosts.

Conference attendees particpating in a workshop
Speaker delivering talk to busy room
Conference attendees celebrating

Call for sponsors

We are looking for sponsors to help us make EuroIA 2021 a truly great experience. Please get in touch with us on sponsor (at) to discuss the details of sponsoring the conference.

In Short

EuroIA 2021 will be held online from October 29th

The conference is free of charge, but we’ll have only a limited number of seats


Check this website for updates about the programme and registration. You can also subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter and Instagram to make sure you don’t miss a thing